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About us

We’ve been in operation for 14 years, loving and caring for these precious animals. Barb names and provides a home setting for the dogs. They share large yards with compatible dogs. The best part of our dog rescue is finding forever homes for the dogs.

Barb's Dog Rescue is a life-enhancing facility. We will never euthanize a dog to make room for more. Dogs are taken in as space allows.

Another successful adoption

Baby & pup

Monecka’s journey from Mexico to Minnesota

Monecka is a two-year old white Poodle/Terrier mix and is sweet as can be! Monecka, like most of the dogs that end up here at the rescue, had an extremely hard life and was saved out of a horrible situation. Found in the middle of the street where some of the passers-by were threatening to kill her, a volunteer at Barb’s Dog Rescue immediately stepped in and saved her life. Monecka was covered in ticks and fleas, her hair was terribly matted and she was severely malnourished and dehydrated.
After months of recovery, grooming, food and love, our special girl is now ready to start a new and better life with people who will give her all the attention and care she deserves.


Monecka, a very sweet dog,
rescued from the streets,
loves people.


Moki’s adoption story—
from the streets of Mexico to the forever home she so deserves!

Moki, a year-old tiny Mexican street dog, timid and afraid of people was picked up by animal control and brought to Barb’s Dog Rescue. She was in a terrible state, both physically and mentally. She had been starved of love, living in fear and deprivation. She was covered in ticks, had a bad cough, eye and ear problems, and was alone in the world.

With Barb’s aid, Moki's transition began—from a mangy, unloved street dog to a cherished pet. Her prescription: TLC, food and a bath, reviving the exhausted animal—she slept for two days.

Next, Moki got her comprehensive health examination and medications, thanks to funding from our generous donors.

Moki underwent a remarkable physical and mental transformation, she started to trust people and her spirit soared. She's now a sweet and spunky little gal, who loves to prance around the yard.

Moki was adopted on March 21st, 2015, by the McIntyre family, where she will be treasured.

Moki being examined at the vet

Moki undergoing her comprehensive health examination.

Ojona, a Rocky Point street dog, blossoms into a loving pet

Ojona with her loving family in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Ojona was found near death living in a street at the fish market. After much care and lots of love she has blossomed into a wonderful family dog.

Here she is with her loving family in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Chuck Hawkins, Ojona and family pictured here.

One-more happy customer

New owner & pup